Project 79 is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace that leverages the power of blockchain technology, offers a secure, transparent, and efficient way to access commodity-based opportunities.

The Project 79 platform is built on Blocksquare's innovative marketplace structure, allowing for seamless transactions and instant settlement of trades. The use of blockchain technology will also provide added security and transparency, enabling investors to track the ownership and authenticity of their investments in real time.

Upcoming Opportunities ON THE MARKETPLACE

Store in Dubai's Gold Souk

Burlcore Mining Company

Precious Metals Warehouse

Precious Metals Refinery

Mining Concessions & Land Ownership


The DAO creation is a major step towards realizing the platform’s goal of creating a more democratic and accessible investment landscape.

A comprehensive overview of the platform’s governance structure, decision-making process, and plans for the future will be launched before the marketplace goes live.



Project 79 DAO Governance & Structure

Burlcore Mining Company Offering Explained

Upcoming Opportunities for Project 79's Marketplace

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